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Fertility Bracelet

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This is your full energy support on your incredible journey of starting your own family.

Moonstone is one of the most known fertility stones, boosting female energy, promoting a regular menstrual cycle, and balancing emotions to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Rhodonite attracts love and healing energy to balance your emotions during pregnancy and works as a fertility enhancer, readying the uterus for birth, restoring chi, and boosting confidence.

Rose Quartz heals you from relationship problems, opens you to more compassion and desire, and increases overall fertility by addressing sexual dysfunction and emotional imbalance.

Green Jade is known as a strong protector and lucky charm, balancing blocked energies like lukewarm love and releasing pent-up feelings, and improving blood and oxygen circulation of the organs in the pelvis area.

Unakite connects with the sacral, root, and heart chakras to purify blocked energies and improve sensuality, stay grounded and centered with your emotions, and encourage a loving heart — all essential factors to increasing fertility.

Rose Gold Hematite is a grounding crystal that absorbs positive energies, clears the mind from negativity, and supports healing from nervous disorders, anemia, and muscle cramps.


✨ High-quality gemstones: Moonstone, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Unakite, Rose Gold Hematite

✨ Genuine 8mm beads

✨ Strung on durable stretchy cord

✨ Fits wrist size 6.0 inches - 7.0 inches