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Tree of life Lapis Lazuli Orgone Necklace

Looking for an excellent companion crystal to help you deal with mental patterns that hold you back so that you can replace them with new ones that will empower you? Leave everything to our Tree of life Lapis Lazuli Orgone Necklace! Inflame your sense of confidence so that you can keep pushing yourself in the direction of success. Overcome shyness and break out of your old self. 

The tree of life is a sacred symbol that represents a connection to everything. It helps remind you to pursue knowledge and wisdom as you move forward in your life.

This necklace also helps achieve a peaceful and deep sleep. Wear the necklace during the day and place it under your pillowcase at night and pay close attention to your dreams.


  • 100% Authentic stones: Lapis Lazuli
  • Eco friendly resin
  • Size: 1.38 inches
  • The chain is approximately 19in long and adjustable
  • Packaging: Vegan-friendly cord, packed in a beautiful linen pouch and gift box