Amazonite Queen Mala

Our Amazonite Queen Mala is definitely your new favorite mala if you’re looking for good fortune when it comes to luck, love, and wellness. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Our Amazonite Queen Mala definitely sets the bar high as a life-changing mala with a rich stone mixture to place your bets on!

The benefits of these healing stones working together will open you up for new possibilities. Feeling down on your luck will be a thing of the past as you work with Amazonite Queen Mala towards instilling positivity in all aspects of your life.

Cleanse all negative vibes & get ready to enjoy your life again!


  • Crystals: Amazonite, Rose quartz, Sunstone
  • Size:  8mm beads
  • Length: Approx 34 inches (88cm)



Ethically sourced from Brazil, Peru, India and Sri Lanka

Handmade With Love

Each product is carefully crafted by skilled artisans.

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