Amethyst Raw Crystal Adjustable Ring

Imagine living a life of peace and clarity. Where stress and chaos are things you never have to dread about. The Amethyst Raw Crystal Adjustable Ring will be your personal shield from mind clutter so you can be present in every moment of your life.

  • Recommended for anyone wanting to find inner peace 
  • Raw Amethyst, left in its natural shape and form 
  • Set in an adjustable gold-finish ring

Stone Details:
Called the stone of peace, Amethyst is used for: 

  • Enhancing intuition so you can tap into your wisdom during emotionally challenging situations 
  • Calming the mind to experience a restful sleep 
  • Purifying negative energy in the home to avoid feeding arguments and misunderstandings


  • High-quality Amethyst 
  • Genuine 2-3cm raw crystal 
  • Set in an adjustable gold-finish ring

How to use:

Upon receiving the ring, meditate on it with your intention in mind.

Add it to your daily fashion ensemble so you can carry the power it brings all the time. Bring your focus into the crystal whenever you feel doubt and negative thoughts creep into your space.

Call upon its healing properties to guide you through.