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Cancer Bracelet

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June 21 - July 22

The Cancer is the perfect physical embodiment of home. Nourishing, welcoming, giving, and domestic who is open and available for anyone at any time. They will walk sideways for others and guard fiercely whoever is their “home.”

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves makes Cancer equally lovable. But oftentimes this very trait also leads them to hurts and stagnation in people and places that no longer make them grow.

To protect you from toxic situations and keep you focused on what truly resonates with your needs, theCustom Cancer Bracelet balances the cardinal water element associated with your sign. This will fulfill your purpose of leading and developing tight bonds with others, while also setting up a gentle boundary against holding on to their emotional baggage.

We sourced, and used the best crystals for Cancer in the custom bracelet, namely: 

Moonstone- illuminates the truth and helps to deepen intuition and guide your way, so you can take care of others without losing yourself

Opalite- improves communication, stimulates endurance, and supports validated feelings, so you can speak out and break off from those that hurt you

Citrine- boosts self-confidence, creativity, and inspiration, so you can experience the joy of simply going with the flow

Snowflake Obsidian - helps you to let go of the things that are not serving you, so your soul can find healing, closure, and higher happiness

Lava Stone- offers strength and confidence to reach out to others and grounds you to truth, so you are able to connect with your true home

Love and open your heart as you have always done. But this time, with guidance and only with the deserving ones.

How to Use

Hold your tools in the palms of your hands, and speak your intentions to them.

Keep your bracelet and ring close to you. Create an unbreakable bond that allows you to connect with the stars of your zodiac.

Allow your constellation to give you energy and strength.

Whenever doubt and negative thoughts creep into your space, simply bring your focus to your crystals.

Recite your intentions, again, and let the words flow over you, allowing the negativity to melt away.

After continued use, cleanse the bracelet and ring by lighting the Mini Smudge Stick and allowing it to be immersed in the gentle smoke. This will transform all negative energy absorbed by the tools into positive vibrant energy.


Intentions You Can Use

  • I am worthy of the same care and respect I give to others.
  • I welcome joyful and beautiful changes in my life for my personal growth.
  • I am at home with truth, love, joy, and peace.