Dragon's Blood Mala

Our Dragon’s Blood Mala is a combination of Red Jasper and Cinnabar beads that create a gorgeous mala of red and orange hues. The “supreme nurturer” of stones, red japer grounds, balances, and shields EMF and air pollution.

Your peace of mind and oneness are taken into consideration as this stone supports your mind, body, and spirit. Cinnabar adds vitality to your journey as you continue your spiritual metamorphosis by helping you reach your desires of immunity, fertility, and wealth.

Your manifestation is in good hands with our Dragon’s Blood Mala aiding your chakras into alignment with healing properties that make you a force to be reckoned with — a peaceful force of powerful energy, that is!


  • Crystals: Red Jasper, Cinnabar
  • Size:  8mm beads
  • Length: Approx 34 inches (88cm)



Ethically sourced from Brazil, Peru, India and Sri Lanka

Handmade With Love

Each product is carefully crafted by skilled artisans.

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