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Energy Cleanse Kit

Clear your space of unwanted negative energy with the Energy Cleanse Kit! Sage has been used to purify and cleanse spaces for centuries.

With its calming and balancing properties, sage is believed to help absorb unwanted energies.

Each cleansing kit comes with a Selenite wand, White sage stick and Palo santo stick. Our Palo santo and white sage are both sustainably harvested by local providers in California (Sage) and Peru (Palo santo).

  • White Sageis used to eliminate negative energy surrounding you, your crystals, and sacred spaces.
  • Palo Santo (or Holy Wood) is used for personal energy cleansing - removing heavy, overwhelming energy, and making space for positive, light energy to enter.
  • Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal that helps to clear and purify the energy of other crystals and your sacred space.

The practice of smudging to remove negative energy has been used for centuries. Other benefits include removing airborne bacteria, improving one's mood, and reducing stress.

What’s Inside

  • 1x White Sage sustainably harvested in California (3-4" long)
  • 1x Palo Santo sustainably harvested in Pero (3-4" long)
  • 1x Selenite Crystal Wand ethically sourced in Brazil (3-4" long)

We want you to love your Energy Cleanse Kit! If you're not happy with your purchase, we'll take it back no questions asked!