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Energy Shield Necklace

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Energies are all around us. As social creatures, we evolved to be able to quickly recognize and understand the emotions that others are expressing. This phenomenon is called “thin slicing.” While it’s often useful to be able to absorb the energies other people are putting out, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and take on too much.

That’s where our Energy Shield necklace comes in. Excellent for sensitive or empathic wearers, the combination of healing crystals and non-organic metals provides shielding from negative or unhelpful energies. An adjustable cord lets you wear it right over your heart, reminding you to nurture and protect your heart chakra.

At 4cm tall, this striking black and white pendant makes a statement with any outfit. Black Tourmaline, a solid and opaque crystal, channels your ability to ‘block’ destructive energies. Set against a soft white background, these crystals can help you make intentional choices about what emotions and thoughts to bring into your life. A copper spiral at the center represents the renewal you feel when you’re more in control of the energies you receive. 


  • Crystals: Black Tourmaline
  • Metals: copper wire
  • 4cm height, 2.3cm length, 1cm thickness