Flower of Life Orgone Necklace

Experience the infinite energy of the Flower of Life. Allow your body to embrace the never-ending rhythms of the universe, and feel your soul aligning with these ancient patterns. 

Representing the creation of the universe, and everything in it, the Flower of Life is the true symbol of the beginning and the end. Without a starting, or ending, point, this sacred geometry symbol reminds us that every beginning has an end, and every end has a beginning - making the circle of life, infinite. 

Feel the gentle healing vibrations of the Flower of Life Orgone necklace as it rests on your bare skin, relieving even your worst anxiety. Allow your body to fall into a state of peace as you focus your energy on the unending energy of the Flower of Life.

We ethically source each gemstone locally in Brazil, where each necklace has been handmade by a skilled artisan. Each necklace is carefully cleansed with sage and charged with a crystal singing bowl before it arrives at your door.


  • Crystals: Pyrite
  • Metals: Copper fillings
  • Size: 3.8cm / 1.5in
  • Packaging: Vegan-friendly cord, packed in a beautiful linen pouch and gift box