Fluorite Raw Crystal Adjustable Ring

Imagine facing all of life’s important moments with complete confidence and concentration in who you are and what you can do. The Fluorite Raw Crystal Adjustable Ring will be your aid in traversing through decisions so you can learn and grow unhindered.

  • Recommended for anyone training their mental strength 
  • Raw Fluorite, left in its natural shape and form 
  • Set in an adjustable gold-finish ring

Stone Details:
Considered an excellent learning aid, Fluorite  is best used for: 

  • Improving concentration by neutralizing negative energy and stress 
  • Boosting self-confidence by replacing fear with total harmony in the mind and body 
  • Clarity in decision making by removing complex, cloudy thoughts in your head at once


  • High-quality Fluorite
  • Genuine 2-3cm raw crystal 
  • Set in an adjustable gold-finish ring

How to use:

Upon receiving the ring, meditate on it with your intention in mind.

Add it to your daily fashion ensemble so you can carry the power it brings all the time. Bring your focus into the crystal whenever you feel doubt and negative thoughts creep into your space.

Call upon its healing properties to guide you through.