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May 21 - June 20   ♊︎

The Gemini is always the life of the party. With resourcefulness, wit, and emotional intelligence that can easily capture a crowd, Gemini lives for moments of learning and energy exchange. Moving with intensity from one group and idea to another.

This swift lifestyle fits the Gemini best, but oftentimes finds difficulty when confronted with situations that require single focus and stability.

To keep you grounded on a new endeavor without losing your active and light-hearted side, theCustom Gemini Bracelet balances the mutable air element associated with your sign. This will allow your spirit of exploration and curiosity to grow deeper in meaning, while also realizing goals that you may first find unexciting.

We sourced, and used the best crystals for Gemini in the custom bracelet, namely: 

Tiger’s Eye - creates balance and helps overcome stubbornness, so you can welcome new experiences with the same level of interest

Ritualated Quartz - awakens your joyful, light-hearted side and provides motivation, so you can work on projects without easily losing interest

Hematite - grounds, balances and detoxifies the mind and body, so you don’t dwell on self-limiting beliefs and feelings of boredom

Citrine- serves as a good luck charm and helps attract the right people and situations into your life, so you are always stimulated while growing into learning the value of stability

Lava Stone- offers strength, courage, and stability, so you are always guided and reassured in moments of change

TheAdjustable Raw Black Tourmaline Ring helps to keep you grounded on your goal and focused on every task. It also strengthens the spirit and offers respite from stress.

TheMini Sage Smudge Sticks act as the energy cleanser of all your healing crystals 

embellishing the bracelet and ring.

What’s Included

  • 7” custom Sign bracelet (will fit a 6-6.5” wrist) with 8mm authentic and ethically sourced gemstones: Tiger’s Eye, Ritualated Quartz, Hematite, Citrine, and Lava Stone.
  • 0.7-1” raw Black Tourmaline crystal set in a gold adjustable ring
  • (3) 2-3” White Sage bundle

How to Use

Hold your tools in the palms of your hands, and speak your intentions to them.

Keep your bracelet and ring close to you. Create an unbreakable bond that allows you to connect with the stars of your zodiac.

Allow your constellation to give you energy and strength.

Whenever doubt and negative thoughts creep into your space, simply bring your focus to your crystals.

Recite your intentions, again, and let the words flow over you, allowing the negativity to melt away.

After continued use, cleanse the bracelet and ring by lighting the Mini Smudge Stick and allowing it to be immersed in the gentle smoke. This will transform all negative energy absorbed by the tools into positive vibrant energy.

Intentions You Can Use

  • It is my strength to be able to adapt as needed.
  • I welcome and grow with the new experiences the universe brings me.
  • I find joy and contentment in stable moments as I find in swift settings.

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    Whitney G.
    United States United States
    Love my Gemini bracelet kit

    Comes with 3 big bundles of sage to burn very nice quality the beautiful bracelet with the Gemini pendent, the nice sized black stone ring also which is adorbz & adjustable & a cute Gemini sticker!! ♊ Thanks Vinaya

    Vinaya Gemini Crystal Kit Review
    Melinda E.
    United States United States
    Excellent item!

    Really love my bracelet. It is beautiful, yet sufficiently lightweight that I can wear other bracelets without problem. Beads are beautiful crafted and the bracelet is well-made. I've bought other bracelets from Vinaya and have never had any problem with them holding up, despite being worn while working.