Goddess Orgone Pyramid

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Jupiter, the largest planet, is known for its vastness and the turbulent storms that roil and roam over its surface. Often referred to as a “gas giant,” this planet asks of us: what in your life is calling out to be giant and thunderous? What vastness do you want to ascend to?

Our 6cm tall Jupiter Ascension Orgone Pyramid invites you to jump into greatness. Ignite your passions and pursue your greatest dreams when inspired by the bright colors and healing crystals contained in this orgone pyramid. Access the storms within yourself and harness their power and energy, letting their winds lift you to new heights.

With five open copper spirals and plenty of steel filings, this Jupiter Ascension Orgone Pyramid captures the complexity and size of Jupiter. Combined with amethyst, quartz, green quartz, and black tourmaline, this orgone pyramid is a visual delight, perfect for visual meditations to help your mind expand and ascend. 


  • Crystals: Amethyst, Quartz, Green Quartz and Black Tourmaline
  • Metals: 5 Open copper spirals and steel filings
  • 6cm height, 8cm sides