Horus eye Kyanite Necklace

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol connected with the god Horus, who rules the sky and takes the form of a falcon. Associated with concepts like power, royalty and protection, the Eye of Horus symbol has been used throughout the ages by people who value their security and want to use their inner strength to protect what they most value. 

Our Horus Eye Kyanite Pendant measures approximately 3cm across and features an Eye of Horus symbol in brilliant gold, reflecting the royal power of this ancient image. More gold borders the round pendant, encircling your symbol of strength with protection and glory. A backdrop of blue Kyanite healing crystal represents the strong foundation that we stand on as kings and queens of our own inner kingdoms.

Bring majesty and might to your day when you wear our Horus Eye Kyanite Pendant. While you may not be wearing royal robes, you can still be resplendent with this richly colored and deeply symbolic piece of jewelry.


  • Crystals: Kyanite
  • Metals: Horus eye
  • Pendant Measures Approximately 3.2 cm long by 1.2 cm wide



Ethically sourced from Brazil, Peru, India and Sri Lanka

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