Kundalini Energy Orgone Necklace

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Kundalini means “coiled snake,” and it refers to the dormant, or sleeping, energy at the base of your spine. When awakened, usually through yogic or tantric practices, this energy is powerful and feminine.

What power is asleep within you, resting, gathering power in the quiet? What energies lie beneath your surface, waiting to be awakened when they are needed most? Discover your own inner Kundalini with our crystal and copper Kundalini Energy Necklace.

Our 4cm tall Kundalini Energy Necklace contains Serpentine crystals against a soft green background. Named after serpents, this stone helps connect to the “coiled snake” of Kundalini. A copper wire spiral also represents the coiled snake, creating a piece of jewelry that is also a strong reflection of these serpentine energies. 

Snakes sleep for much of their lives, gathering their energies for when they need to hunt, strike, or explore. Like serpents, we all need to rest. Wear this teardrop-shaped pendant to remind yourself that tending to your energies is critical, and seek out safe places in your life and in your mind for you to coil up and rest. 


  • Crystals: Serpentinite
  • Metals: Copper wire spiral
  • 4cm height / 2.3cm lenght, 1cm thickness