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Love Attraction Bracelet

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Imagine your perfect love story coming true with this bracelet empowering you.

Rhodonite, one of the most powerful heart chakra stones, stimulates forgiveness and understanding to give way for true, unconditional love to manifest in you. It works to heal past emotional wounds like heartbreak, misunderstandings, and distrust in order to free you from negativity.

Rose Quartz empowers you to focus on love, kindness, and empathy first on the self before extending it out, so you can ultimately welcome healthy growth with others. This stone of love also purifies the heart from painful experiences and attracts new relationships.

Garnet activates the lower chakra points to inspire love, passion, intimacy, and pleasure. It gives high energy that motivates you to pursue what gives you true joy while also helping to let go of unhealthy behaviors.


✨ High-quality gemstones: Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Garnet

✨ Genuine 8mm beads

✨ Strung on durable stretchy cord

✨ Fits wrist size 6.0 inches - 7.0 inches