Metatron Selenite Plate

Feeling bogged down by negative energy? Thoughts cloudy?  Are your crystals just not working like they did when they first arrived? 

When used with other crystals, our Selenite Plate can eliminate the absorbed negative energy. And then, recharge them back to their highest vibration - all in one easy step. This allows your crystals to start healing and absorb negative energy, again.

Engraved with the sacred geometrical shape, Metatron’s Cube, this selenite plate channels the flow of energy creation. Spinning with the surrounding energy, this selenite plate has the ability to power your crystals with the positive energy you’re looking for.



  • 3.25in (8cm). 
  • Pure, natural, and ethically sourced Selenite crystal.
  • Engraved with Metatron’s Cube, a sacred geometrical pattern.

How to Use Your Selenite Plate

Hold your Selenite Plate in the palms of your hands. Take a deep breath, and whisper your intentions.

Your Selenite Plate is ready to cleanse and charge your other crystals. 

Place your Selenite Plate on a surface where it cannot be touched by water, and place your crystals on top of the plate. 

Take a deep breath, and whisper your intentions. You can add to this ritual by burning sage, or placing other orgones around the Selenite Plate. 

Continue until you feel the energy change around you.