New Beginnings Mystery Box

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Let this New Beginnings Mystery Box signify your wholehearted commitment to growth, learning, and change.

To empower you on this new journey, we created a sacred bundle of carefully chosen tools that will help you be an active creator of your reality.

And because every beginning comes with a magical promise of surprise, the full content of the package will be only revealed once you receive it.


However, to keep you excited, here are a few tiny clues about what’s inside your bundle:

…1 tool, powered by Amazonite, Amethyst, Blue Kyanite, Moonstone, Kunzite, and Pink Opal crystals, will be close to your heart for an everyday spark of light and love

…1 tool, powered by Moonstone and Lava Stone, will give your hands strength and inspiration for growth

...1 tool, powered by Pyrite, Amethyst, and Blue Kyanite, will open windows to wealth and abundance

...1 tool, powered by Amethyst and a special essential oil blend, will wrap you in peace day and night. Can you already feel sparks of joy move around you?


To fully support you on this new beginning, we are offering this exclusive mystery box (with a total value exceeding $200) for only $69.

On top of that, we will include an additional surprise: something that will serve as your gentle reminder of how truly special you are.


Because we are fully committed to making your journey even more magical and meaningful, we are releasing the sacred bundle on January 11 at 11:11am. On 1-11.Or the last day of the months of Divine Trinity, where tremendous opportunities open up for you to wake up and embrace your divine light.

At 11:11. Or the only and divine minute in a day to make a wish and set an intention to be guided to your purpose and passion.

Yes. Everything is aligned for your new year.

A better life is yours for the taking. So don't hesitate and embark on your journey of new beginnings. Gift yourself a new start with this New Beginnings Mystery Box.


Important: The New Beginnings Mystery Box is an exclusive offer created to assist you to achieve your intentions for 2021. The tools included in the sacred bundle will ONLY BE AVAILABLE today, on the launch day, January 11.

So click on the button above and order your New Beginnings Mystery Box NOW.



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