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Pisces Bracelet

February 19 – March 20 ♓

Known as the mystical and most empathetic of the bunch, everyone runs to Pisces for help and healing support.

This trait of selflessness is their source of joy, yet it can also become their weakness when it turns into neediness and endless opportunities for exploitation.

To help you build resilience and healthy boundaries, theCustom Pisces Bracelet balances the mutable water element associated with your sign. This will guide you to find fulfillment in assisting others while staying focused on your own internal journey. 

We sourced and used the best crystals for Pisces in the custom bracelet, namely: 

Angelite- activates the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras to connect to higher frequencies including spirit guides, so you can be more in touch with your psychic abilities 

Aquamarine- balances the Throat Chakra to improve communication, so you can freely and effectively express your thoughts, emotions, and personal boundaries

Apatite- activates the Third Eye Chakra to heighten perception, so you can know what is important and not, what is healthy and out of your control and comfort zone

Bloodstone- unblocks the Root Chakra to bring you a surge of energy and protection, so you can confidently live in the moment without waiting for others permission

Tend to your safety, happiness, and growth as much as you do for others. Flourish in your individuality. You are powerful and enough in your own way.

How to Use
Hold your tools in the palms of your hands, and speak your intentions to them.

Keep your bracelet close to you. Create an unbreakable bond that allows you to connect with the stars of your zodiac.

Allow your constellation to give you energy and strength.

Whenever doubt and negative thoughts creep into your space, simply bring your focus to your crystals.

Recite your intentions, again, and let the words flow over you, allowing the negativity to melt away.

Intentions You Can Use

  • I know the power of my intuition and I know my personal truth.
  • I inspire others to know themselves fully by being authentic in my own internal journey.
  • I honor myself and respect my boundaries in order to grow and be of service to others.