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Abundance Flower of Life Necklace

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Expand into a life of more - more happiness, more growth, more opportunities - with our golden “Abundance” pendant featuring the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life, a symbol from sacred geometry, is constructed from multiple overlapping circles. Formed by multiplying the same shape until a more complex and beautiful symbol emerges, the Flower of Life represents multiplicative growth leading to abundance.

Use this pendant to leave behind a “scarcity mindset” and call abundance into your life. Golden pyrite represents wealth and luxury, and a bright yellow citrine crystal connects you to your own happiness and helps you open to more experiences of joy. The Flower of Life image is formed from copper, a metal known for its transformative properties.

Constructed with copper wire, healing crystals, and an adjustable leather cord, this Flower of Life is an excellent addition to the garden of your life.


  • Crystals: Pyrite and Citrine
  • Metals: 1 copper wire Flower of life image
  • Pendant Measures Approximately 3.9 cm long by 0.8 cm wide