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Prosperity Magnet Orgone Necklace

It is within your power to change your own reality, no matter the circumstances, because you are a being of frequency and energy.

We've created the Prosperity Magnet Orgone Necklace to amplify your wealth, success and luck manifesting powers.

Crafted with a harmonious combination of stones to help you attract new opportunities, financial health and prosperity:

Citrine is known as the "Money Stone" to attract wealth and success. It opens the door to abundance and good fortune. It is also one of the only crystals that does not store any negativity

Pyrite radiates the energy of prosperity and wealth. It empowers you to pursue what you want and magnifies your energy to attract luck and success while Clear quartz enhances the powerful healing properties of each crystal in the necklace.

Embedded in the middle is a golden zodiac constellation sticker for your monthly manifestation rituals. 

Wear the Prosperity Magnet Orgone Necklace when you want to attract prosperity and abundance into your life. This magnetic talisman will help you open up new possibilities and manifest new successes in every area of your life.

Each one of our orgone necklaces is carefully handcrafted with genuine chakra healing stones locally and ethically sourced by small artisans in Brazil. 


  • Real Gemstones - Citrine, Pyrite, Clear quartz,
  • Copper, iron powder, quartz powder, and aluminum shavings
  • Pendant Measures Approximately 1.5 inches by 0.5 inches
  • Vegan-friendly cord (Hypoallergenic) is approximately 19in long and adjustable
  • Comes in a beautiful large Linen Pouch with Instructions

The Vinaya Promise

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