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Prosperity Orgone Pyramid

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Open the door to success and good fortune with the prosperity orgone Pyramid. Uniquely handcrafted with genuine crystals to lift your vibration and attract abundance. 

Each of of these pyramids was handmade by local artisans and charged with a crystalline singing bowl. The universe is made of frequency, vibration and energy. By using this pyramid you'll be able to attune your own frequency in order to create your own luck.

Crafted with a harmonious combination of stones to help you attract new opportunities, financial health and abundance.

  • Citrine to see your goals through and manifest wealth. If undertaking a new venture, this stone is your good luck charm.
  • Tiger's eye to help you manifest desires, reassuring you of your personal power and confidence to fulfill your goals. 

  • Yellow aventurine to promote smart decision making,  manifest an increase in money and attract good fortune.


  • Crystals: Citrine, Tiger's eye and Yellow aventurine
  • Metals: Copper and gold shavings
  • Organic resin
  • 2.36" (6cm) base, 2.36" (cm) height
  • Comes in a beautiful artisan gift box