Ultimate Pyramid Bundle (Mother's Day Special) - Vinaya

Ultimate Pyramid Bundle (Mother's Day Special)

Channeling the stone of unconditional love, this bundle encourages the attraction of love and the ability to be receptive of that love. 

The Ultimate Pyramid Bundle is designed to give you an extra-special, energetically powerful way to celebrate mother's.

Featuring a wealth attraction pyramid to help attract luck and prosperity, a love attraction pyramid for opening the heart chakra to better and new meaningful relationships and feng shui pyramid to bring balance, peace and protection.

This bundle comes with a Free Feng Shui Bracelet

Limited time offer until May 8th 11:59PM

This bundle includes:

  • 1x Wealth Attraction Orgone Pyramid (Normally $29.95)
  • 1x Love Attraction Orgone Pyramid  (Normally $29.95)
  • 1x Feng Shui Orgone Pyramid  (Normally $29.95)
  • 1x Free Feng Shui Bracelet  (Normally $24)