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The Manifester Crystal Tree

Experience the power of manifestation with a crystal tree that not only helps you achieve your goals but also supports artisans with their craft.

The Manifester Crystal Tree is made with green aventurine, a powerful crystal known for its manifestation properties. This tree not only helps you focus your intentions but also supports artisans with their craft.

Our tree is handcrafted with attention to detail, making each piece unique and special.

Plus, as a bonus, it comes with a Free Buddha statue, a symbol of enlightenment and inner peace.


  • 1 Crystal Tree sold = 1 Tree planted
  • Focuses your intention on your goals
  • Amplifies your manifestation energy
  • Brings a sense of calm and tranquility
  • Enhances your meditation and visualization practices
  • Can help attract abundance and prosperity
  • Supports artisans with their craft, giving back to the community


  • Crystals: Green Aventurine
  • Metals: Copper wiring
  • Gold foil finishing
  • Size: 4" in height

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