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Tiger's Eye Mala

Find your center. Focus with determination. Gain clarity in self-assured confidence. Escape fear and manifest good luck. 

These are the benefits you'll reap when you seek clarity through your intuition with our grounding Tiger’s Eye Mala. This particular mala possesses the perfect blend of tiger’s eye and black onyx to promote courage and a clear mental state. 

The individual benefits of each stone come together beautifully as negative energy is dispelled and replaced with peace of mind and balanced emotions. 

  • Tiger’s eye helps you push past your fears and anxieties as it instills a concrete foundation. Your inner peace will shine through as unsteady emotions are soothed. Tiger’s eye will give you back your confidence and let your creativity shine through.
  • A naturally powerful protection stone,black onyx assists with the prosperity in your emotional well-being as well as your physical health. This stone wards away negative energy in order to protect you from overwhelm, stress, grief, and other turbulent emotions giving you a firm ground composed of confidence and wisdom. 

Embrace the power of our Tiger’s Eye Mala


  • Crystals: Tiger's Eye, Black Onyx
  • Size:  8mm beads
  • Length: Approx 34 inches (88cm)



Ethically sourced from Brazil, Peru, India and Sri Lanka

Handmade With Love

Each product is carefully crafted by skilled artisans.

Support Local Artisans

Each purchase helps support local artisans and their family

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All orders are shipped from Denver, Colorado